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Saira Hasan Hypnotherapist London
Professional Qualifications:
dip. CB Hyp, EMDR, Ego State Therapy, Stress Management and Resilience
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Award winning Hypnotherapist, Saira Hassan, has lived in diverse places like Islamabad, Warsaw, Dubai and London, and comes with a rich, multi-cultural perspective. Her academic background in Applied Psychology drew her to the field of stress management and its many manifestations. These could range from weight gain to performance issues, social anxiety, excessive smoking, insomnia, anger management, relationship issues, panic attacks or phobias.

If you are suffering and you are motivated to change, She'll be there with you every step of the way. Saira integrates CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy and EMDR to arrange meetings with your subconscious mind. For video clips of Saira's Simple Stressbusters follow her on her FB page or Instagram. Links are also on her website: www.hypno4ladies.com

In your sessions with Saira, you will work collaboratively, trying to find the whys of your present behaviour.. your childhood, your limiting beliefs, your self -esteem levels, your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Then, together, you will set out to explore insights and solutions which Saira will then embed in your sub conscious mind...

If you are female and feel that Saira is a good fit for you, reach out to her via her website, or e mail her and you can start the healing.

Saira won the Businesswomen Unlimited's Gold Shining Star Award for 2022.

Weight Loss
Stop Smoking
Social Anxiety
Panic Attacks
Performance Anxiety
Anger Management
Self Esteem
IVF Stress Management